Dips By Chels

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Dips By Chels powders are made to order. Orders Ship in 1-2 business days.

Powders come in a .5 oz jar.

You can achieve multiple manicures with this powder. 7+ manicures possible.

We include a swatch with each purchase so you can see the exact color in person before using it.

Dip 2-3 times for full color and quality. Chunky glitters should be covered with our clear acrylic powder, Transparency.

Powders can be paired with any brand of dip liquids or gels.

Powders are made with a clear acrylic base so they can also be used with acrylic system monomers

Manicures will last 2-3 weeks!!

Follow us for new releases and sales.


We appreciate your business!!! Chels