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Dips By Chels Liquid bottles may change but will always be .5 oz bottles with the same liquid component. Dips By Chels Liquids are distributed by a manufacture and not made in our facility.

This set offers everything you need to complete your at home manicure!

What’s included!!
Prep Dehydrator, Base Coat/Top Coat 2 N 1 to apply Dips By Chels acrylic nail dip powder as well as a top coat, Activator, Cuticle Oil to moisturize cuticles

No UV or LED light required for Dips By Chels Liquids.

Top coat is quick dry but we suggest 2-5 min to ensure nails are completely dry before applying Top Coat. 

Manicure will last 2-4 weeks!

A basic dip nail liquid set, perfect for both professionals and beginners.

LONG LASTING: Our dip powder liquid is resistant to chipping and cracking, breathable with no damage to the nail’s beds. Shiny for 2 weeks. A full dip powder liquid set, perfect for both professional salons and beginners.

EASY TO APPLY & SAVING TIME: No nail lamp needed, easy to apply and dry fast. It takes about 30% less time to apply than acrylics. With the dip powder gel set, you can start personal diy nail at home.

HIGH QUALITY: Dip powder base activator and top coat are made of high quality material, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, low smell. Protect your hands and keep your nails nice.